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Superior cofounder relationships

Your success depends on the strength of your founding team. Rightfounder is the cofounder relationship tool kit that gets to the heart of your partnership. We make you stronger together.

Who it is for

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Solo founders

You are on your own and considering teaming up with cofounders. We help you understand who to work with and what to consider.


Cofounder Teams

There are two or more of you. Whether you are just starting out or have already set up your business, we have the tools to help you improve, nurture, protect and mend your relationship. 

What we assess


Do you share the same ambitions, are you motivated by the same things, are you pulling in the same direction?

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What are you good at, how do you work, where should you lead and where do need some help?

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What makes you tick, what is your working style and how does that impact those around you?

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Is your business a good match with the needs and ambitions of yourself and your cofounders?Dont get caught out.

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What you get

65% of high-potential startups fail due to cofounder fallout*. We help you avoid this fate. Our tailored reports help you understand more about yourself and your cofounders.


The Rightfounder tool kit focuses on the most critical factors which determine whether you are set up for success. We show where you are aligned, where you are not and what you need to work on. 


By giving you a framework to think about your cofounder relationships we make it easier for you to get on and build your business.

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What our founder community is saying about us

I love this report, it’s so interesting, the things it brings up; we are much more aligned now than we were at the beginning.

I wish it had existed for my first business. We fell out badly; it got really messy, stressful, and expensive. Something as simple as this might have helped us sort things before it was too late. 

As a result of taking the test, we've had discussions to drive more clarity on financial expectations and our working patterns.

This is so useful. I'm so much happier going into business with my co-founder as a result of this. We are a pretty good match, but it meant we talked about and sorted stuff we didn't see eye-to-eye on

We can use this to have a discussion about topics (such as future plans) with more info as we're aware exactly of what the other is looking for

The value I got from the report was a sense of covering all bases, leaving no important topics ignored, and legitimacy in bringing potentially difficult topics up

Led to a grown up discussion on different styles but most useful was it threw up a key concern for co-founder which I had missed

Rightfounder helped us talk openly and explicitly for the first time about our motivations and expectations, and to think and work through where these might cause friction

The report was really well laid out and presented

RightFounder does a good job at highlighting and visualising what is important to the Founder

It highlighted some blind spots that I think we both knew were there

It actually made me think more about compatibility with my cofounder. It also forces you to have to those difficult discussions which you may not want to bring up until it all goes pear-shaped

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