Why cofounder relationships
break down

Creating a healthy cofounder relationship is critical to your success.

The problem is there are many things that can go wrong.

Rightfounder helps you get it right from the beginning of your journey. 


In our experience relationships normally break down due to five key reasons


Different Motivations


Misalinged values


Personality clashes


Wrong or overlapping skiils


Conflicting commitments

How to avoid trouble

We have developed an eight-dimensional framework.

By assessing these factors and understanding the impact they have on your business and your interactions we allow you to uncover and address potential issues. 

Our insights will radically improve your business, your happiness, and your ability to achieve your goals.  


The Rightfounder Framework

  1. Your background

  2. Your motivations

  3. How you do your best work

  4. What you care about

  5. Your skills and experience

  6. What type of person you are (your personality)

  7. Your commitments

  8. Financial requirements and expectations

How our tools work

Once signed up we invite you to complete our unique Rightfounder questionnaire. We then use your responses, to provide you with a custom report packed with insights, observations and actions. All showing you how you can build a stronger founding team. 

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