Our Founder's Code

This is our manifesto for how we work together. As cofounders we have to agree on thousands of things, none are more important than this.  

1. We put our team first.  Together we can achieve more than we ever could individually.


2. We do it on purpose.  We are agreed where we are headed and it guides everything we do.  

3. We look out for each other.  Checking in to support, listen, empathise, forgive, and we never take each other for granted.  

4. We are unique.  Recognising each other's superpowers, and reminding each other what they are. We value our differences because that is what makes us better together.

5. We speak up.  Molehills never become mountains. We don't hold back, we do it with kindness, and we are open-minded on the outcome.   

6. We are generous.  With our time, our knowledge, our feedback, and our passion.   

7. We find balance.  When we are working, we are all in. When we aren’t, we allow ourselves to be all-out.

8. We enjoy the ride.  Life is short, and building a business is challenging. If we stop having fun, we fix it or stop.

9. We can get better.  We are courageous, action-oriented, and understand that being wrong helps us learn how to get it right. We never stop learning and we strive to be better cofounders.

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