Supercharge your cofounder relationships

Your success is dependent on how well you understand each other and work together. Rightfounder is the cofounder compatibility tool that gets to the heart of your relationship. We help you make your business stronger, and your partnership better, every step of the way.

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Take the test, shape your future 

Increase the chances of your new business being a success by understanding and shaping your founding team.


Find out what makes you tick

Explore individual and team values and motivations.

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Make better decisions

Understand each other's natural strengths and skills. Know how to assign roles. Find out how to structure your business and share equity.

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Bring out the best in each other

Discover your individual and collective working styles, personalities, and preferences to supercharge your relationships.

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This is how we help you build a stronger business


Get the best out of each other by knowing what inspires you  


Concentrate on making the best possible decisions on the most important issues


Know your cofounders better, build fruitful, fulfilling and stronger relationships   


Work out how to best structure your business, and your roles & responsibilities


Find out things that you didn't know about each other, or were too afraid to ask 


Significantly improve the chances of making your business a success


What cofounders say...


Experienced founder

I love this report, it’s so interesting, the things it brings up; we are much more aligned now than we were at the beginning.


First time founder

I got the confidence to join the other co-founders in this business. I liked seeing their short and long term commitment. It helped me to see that my skills were going to be useful as part of their team.


Experienced founder

This is so useful. I'm so much happier going into business with my co-founder as a result of this. We are a pretty good match, but it meant we talked about and sorted stuff we didn't see eye-to-eye on. 


Experienced founder

The report was really well laid out and presented. 


Experienced founder

I wish it had existed for my first business. We fell out badly; it got really messy, stressful, and expensive. Something as simple as this might have helped us sort things before it was too late. 


First-time founder

The value I got from the report was a sense of covering all bases, leaving no important topics ignored, and legitimacy in bringing potentially difficult topics up... 


First time founder

Rightfounder helped us talk openly and explicitly for the first time about our motivations and expectations, and to think and work through where these might cause friction.


Experienced founder

It actually made me think more about compatibility with my cofounder. It also forces you to have to those difficult discussions which you may not want to bring up until it all goes pear-shaped.


Experienced founder

As a result of taking the test, we've had discussions to drive more clarity on financial expectations and our working patterns.  

Let's do this.

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