Cofounder interview # 2 - Lick Home

When you get your cofounder set up right, you become so much more than the sum of your parts. The challenge is the work it takes to craft that relationship.

In this series, we interview some of the best cofounding teams we know and ask them how they get the best from each other.

Next up is Sam Bradley and Lucas London from Lick Home.

Sam (L) and Lucas (R)

RF: What is Lick?

SB: We are a home decor brand that supports all decorators to transform their spaces with paint, blinds, wallpaper and supplies.

RF: How did you meet?

SB: It was a mixture of chance and happenstance that brought Lucas and me together. We were introduced through a friend who suggested we meet to discuss a project I was working on. He was working at Airtasker, leading the international expansion. After spending time together he persuaded me to join Airtasker to lead growth in the UK. We spent 2 years working together before we left to set up Lick.

RF: Who Does What at Lick?

LL: I am CEO, and Sam is CMO. Sam is focused on all things growth (platform & marketing). I focus on senior team management, strategy, funding, key recruitment.

RF: How would you describe your cofounder, and what makes them great to work with?

LL: Sam is very positive and supportive, extremely capable and skilled. We share the same vision and significant ambition. He creates a great culture.

SB: He is a genuinely determined entrepreneurial leader with the rare ability to unite people behind a vision to drive them forward together. A talented businessman who is strong with numbers and creative with a good eye for design...he was the one that curated our first paint colour product range and wallpaper designs. 🎨

RF: If you could change one thing about them, what would it be?

SB: For him to not always know what I am thinking.

LL: His height - he is a lot taller than me.

RF: What has been the secret of maintaining a good relationship through the ups and downs?

LL: Listening, supporting, celebrating, clear defined roles, transparency and lots of communication. 💬

SB: Honesty and no judgement

RF: What is the most challenging moment you have shared, and how did you get through it?

SB: There have been a few tough moments, but one of the hardest was where Lucas was on the road fundraising our initial pre-seed capital. We had spoken to several potential investors, but we hadn't quite found the right partner yet. This journey is particularly soul-destroying as you have to bring so much energy to each pitch, only to be told it's a no. We got through it together by constantly reminding each other and supporting each other that we have something truly extraordinary.

LL: It has been an incredible journey so far. Funding can be challenging, but he runs the business and keeps momentum whilst I focus on the rounds, and he supports when pressure is high.

RF: Finally, what advice can you give cofounders starting out together?

LL: Spend time together in a work environment before officially starting. Sam and I worked together before, and it was essential that we got to know each other in this context.

SB: Your relationship with your co-founder will be unique to everyone else in the business, so you need to be honest with them about everything, both the good and the bad, as they will be the ones who can support you when needed.

RF: Awesome. Thanks for your time

Visit Lick for your next room makeover, and if you need some inspiration, be sure to check out their beautiful Instagram account: @lick