Cofounder interview # 1 - DASH Water

When you get your cofounder set up right, you become so much more than the sum of your parts. The challenge is the work it takes to craft that relationship.

In this series, we interview some of the best cofounding teams we know and ask them how they get the best from each other.

First up is Alex Wright and Jack Scott from Dash Water.

Jack (L) and Alex (R)

RF: What is Dash Water?

JS: We're both from farming backgrounds. After seeing first hand that a third of food goes to waste in the UK, we wanted to do something about it. We founded Dash to use surplus fruit & veg to create a tasty drink without any of the sugar or sweetener.

RF: How did you meet?

JS: We met while working at a larger soft drinks company, we both worked in the sales department it was here that we saw there was a gap in the market for a great tasting drink without any sugar or sweeteners.

RF: Who Does What at Dash?

JS: I look after the marketing and operations.

AW: I head up the sales and finance department.

RF: How would you describe your cofounder, and what makes them great to work with?

JS: Alex is amazing to work with, we are lucky we both have a similar outlook on business and how we want to grow. We also are both keen on having a laugh along the way!

AW: Creative, fun, calm and ambitious.

RF: If you could change one thing about them, what would it be?

AW: Persuade him to become an Arsenal fan, a much better team than Chelsea.

JS: Absolutely nothing! [Editors Note: We don't believe him.]

RF: What has been the secret of maintaining a good relationship through the ups and downs?

JS: I think being as transparent as possible; over-communicating has always been our way! We will chat multiple times a day.

AW: Being honest, making the time to celebrate the wins and being tenacious.

RF: What is the toughest moment you have shared together, and how did you get through it?

AW: Our first attempts at producing Dash, who knew water was such a sensitive liquid to package!

JS: I think when Covid hit, we were concerned about how the business would be affected. With 3/4 of our distribution points disappearing overnight. However Alex always remained calm and cracked on, and because of this business has been able to grow throughout. One of our values is 'action speaks louder than words.' This has been vital throughout the last year, keep calm and carry on!

RF: Finally, what advice can you give cofounders starting out together?

JS: Make each accountable, have clear roles and responsibilities that allow the business to keep moving forward at the early stages.

AW: Understand where your strengths/weaknesses are and build your roles around them.

RF: Thanks chaps.

Dash Water is available in 5000 stores globally including British Airways, Sainsbury's, Waitrose in the UK and we export to over twenty international markets. You can buy yours here